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Joram Roukes



Visual Artist | Muralist

Amsterdam-based visual artist, global muralist, and good food connoisseur. Exhibitions in cities such as Paris, Berlin, Los Angeles, and New York.

Manon Wertenbroek

ArtAmsterdam | Paris


Visual Artist

Swiss/Dutch visual artist. Currently living in Paris and teaching at Ecal, Lausanne, Switzerland. Food lover. Known from Foam Magazine, id-UK, The Guardian, British Journal of Photography, and the Swiss Art & Design Award.

Beer expert

Patrick Ejlerskov

Beer expertKøbenhavn


Owner of Westbryg Central

Assitant professor in Neuroscience and Immunology at University of Copenhagen and owner of the microbrewery WestEnd BrygCentral. Addicted to beer, music, and life.

Jonathan Winters

Beer expertCopenhagen


Craft Beer and Coffee

Mikkeller Export Manager. I enjoy Craft Beer, Coffee, Natural Wines, Museums, Music, Travel, Good People & Discovering new places.

Philip Arhelger

Beer expertBerlin


Mikkeller Berlin

Serving the finest beers & fun at Mikkeller Berlin. 🍻Cabinetmaker & Designer. Family & food! ❤️

Dimitri Van Roy

Beer expertBrussels

DimitriVan Roy

Beer Expert

Geek-In-Chief at Brussels Beer Project.

Rick Nelson

Beer expertAmsterdam


Co-Founder Oedipus Brewery

Red Light Radio DJ, radio maker, co-founder of Oedipus Brewing, and organizer of the Kimchi Beer Festival. Lover of high and low cuisine and dancing. Let’s have a beer!

Cocktail expert

Peter Shaw

Cocktail expertCopenhagen



Bartended & managed award winning cocktail bars in Australia, Norway & Denmark. Currently Beverage Manager for cocktail bar Salon39 & restaurants Mes, Meille & Spazio 26 in Copenhagen.

Tim Vanderhaeghen

Cocktail expertOudenaarde


Booze and Cocktail Spots

Rum, whisky, gin and other poisons.Love to visit booze and cocktailspots.From time to time I also like restaurants and beers🥃🍹🍸🍺🍴

Mads Voorhoeve

Cocktail expertAmsterdam


Owner European Bartender School Amsterdam

Owner of the European Bartender School in Amsterdam and Sepp Hospitality, bartender with over 16 years of experience and a real Amsterdammer!

Tess Posthumus

Cocktail expertAmsterdam


Founder Flying Dutchmen Cocktails

Award-winning bartender and founder of Flying Dutchmen Cocktails, winner of Best Cocktail Bar in 2018. Follow my journey, discover new flavors and revisit the old ones.

David Lebeer

Cocktail expertGent


2018 Best Belgian Bartender

Bartender and Japan enthusiast.

Coffee expert

Jens Crabbé

Coffee expertBrussels


Owner of MOK Specialty Coffee Roastery & Bar

Owner of MOK Specialty Coffee Roastery & Bar Brussels and Leuven.

Melanie D. Nunes

Coffee expertGent

Melanie D.Nunes

Founder Tropix Barista

Founder of Tropix Barista Paradise in Gent.

Dani Bordiniuc

Coffee expertAmsterdam


Head barista at Lot Sixty One Coffee Roasters

Former corporate turned coffee professional. Live and breathe everything coffee. Passionate home brewer.

Seulgi Lee

Coffee expertBerlin


Head Barista at The Visit Coffee

Happiest butterfly in the world/ Black coffee enthusiast/ Baby coffee roaster

André Krüger

Coffee expertHamburg | Berlin


Co-founder at Third Wave Wichteln.

@bosch on Instagram. I ❤️ ☕️, 🍺 & 🍸. Co-founder @thirdwavewichteln.

Food expert

Anne de Graaf

Food expertAmsterdam

Annede Graaf

Anne Travel Foodie

My name is Anne, also known as Anne Travel Foodie. I live in the Netherlands and I love to travel and to eat good food. 

Susam Pang

Food expertAmsterdam


Founder of Amsterdam Ramen Festival

Founder Amsterdam Ramen Festival | co-creator of the Foodbloggers Award | Serious foodie

Ron Simpson

Food expertAmsterdam


Founder Restaurant The Avocado Show

Founder of the first all-avocado restaurant of Amsterdam and serial entrepreneur. The Avocado Show is the hotline for good food, amazing events, and city secrets. Also, avocado aficionado.

Jarko Barten

Food expertDeventer


Chief Editor of Horeca Magazine

Chief Editor of Horeca Magazine with an appetite for extraordinary restaurants - 2 kiddo’s - Happily together with my girl - Traveling the globe

Guus Thijssen

Food expertAmsterdam


Gastronomic Storyteller

Guus (Guustronomie) is a storyteller and advocate for inspiring chefs, restaurateurs and artisans, who are making and serving good food. Guus organizes and presents dinners, food tours, cooking demos, and workshops.

Tanja Klein Nijenhuis

Food expertGroningen

TanjaKlein Nijenhuis

Owner Michelin Star Restaurant

Herberg Onder de Linden, a Michelin Star restaurant in Groningen. Sommelier and lover of all the good wines.

Saskia Neirinckx

Food expertAntwerp


Great food eater and coffee addict.

PR pro. Great food eater. Coffee addict. Stiletto fetishist. Spike’s mom. I’ll put a spell on you. 💜

Baaf Vonk

Food expertBerlin


Fishmonger and Oyster Shucker

Partner at Küstlichkeiten. Wholesaler in the best quality fish and shellfish to Berlin.

Olaf van Gerwen

Food expertAmsterdam

Olafvan Gerwen

Creative Director of Food Marketing.

Founder of Chuck Studios - where food goes to get famous. I like my food delish, my beats filthy and my bass loud. Preferably in small-scale venues.

Betty Marais

Food expertBrussels, Paris, Le Havre


Food Evangelist

Food evangelist / media director for L’air du temps** and Sang Hoon Degeimbre


Mary Scherpe



Stil in Berlin

After over 16 years in Berlin and over 13 years writing and photographing it for my channel Stil in Berlin, I got a pretty good grip what the city is about. Berlin is constantly re-defining its uniqueness, so everyone wants a piece of this invigorating blend of old and new.

Sophie Van der Perre


SophieVan der Perre

Fashion Photographer

Photographer based in Amsterdam, represented by Halal and Carole Lambert.

Geet Khosla



Coffee and Food

Serial Entrepreneur + Advisor. Love delicious food, great coffee, natural wine, whisky and anything Italian. 😊🤘🏽

Lilian Stolk



Founder Art Platform The Hmm

Emoji researcher, co-founder of The Hmm (a platform for contemporary visual arts), historian, illustrator, and writer of Het Zonder Woordenboek.

Daan de Greef


Daande Greef

Owner Baskèts Store

I started as a student at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, before finding my creative outlet in building the Baskèts Company from scratch in 2012. Baskèts connects and unites sneaker culture, street culture, and contemporary fashion.

Victor Abeln



Bartender and First Dates TV Show

Bartender with a love for love. Known from First Dates. Self Proclaimed first date location scout.

Aukje Dekker



Founder nightclub SEXYLAND

Founder of conceptual nightclub SEXYLAND in Amsterdam Noord, visual artist and founder of The Eddie the Eagle Museum - for the Art of Trying').

Shon Price



All things Vegan

Plantbased Graphic Artisan. Check out my places for Vegan restaurants and locations of murals I paint.

Bas Koopmans



Art Director

Amsterdam based Graphic Designer and Art Director and partner at Unfair Amsterdam, a biannual art fair for young artist.

Jeroen Disch



Design Lead at GRRR

Design Lead at digital design agency GRRR, type lover (especially the soft G) and author of newsletter Halfvet.

Dimitri Madimin



Art, Music and Cultural Expert

Dr. Madimin AKA Dim Browski • Visual Artist, Researcher, Composer, DJ and Cultural Expert based in Amsterdam. • Founder of Ruyzdael, KISS Escort and


Philip Powel



Artistic Director of Venue Bird

Founder and artistic director of Bird Rotterdam and winner of Laurenspenning.

Detroit Swindle



Electronic House Music Duo

Detroit Swindle (Lars Dales and Maarten Smeets) is an electronic house music duo from Amsterdam, touring around the globe finding places to eat and buy records. Lars and Maarten founded the record label Heist Recordings.

Otto Kraanen



Owner Record Label Bordello A Parigi

Owner of record label and shop Bordello A Parigi, Italo Disco enthusiast and DJ.

Wine expert

Johann Duedahl Jacobsen

Wine expertCopenhagen

Johann DuedahlJacobsen

Founder of Ancestrale wine bar. Always on the lookout for clean and vibrant wines 🔥

Katy Gaffney

Wine expertBerlin


Wine nerd

Wine nerd who splits her time between Jaja Berlin and Viniculture GmbH. Passionate about natural and low-intervention winemaking, Van Morrison, & laminated pastries

Robin van Bastelaar

Wine expertZwolle

Robinvan Bastelaar

De Librije

Fine wine and good food connoisseur at 3-Michelin Star restaurant De Librije. Previously Sommelier at Michelin star restaurant Herberg onder de Linden.


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