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Ron Simpson

Founder of The Avocado Show in Amsterdam.


Joram Roukes

Painter / Muralist in Amsterdam.


Aukje Dekker

Founder of nightclub SEXYLAND.

Wine Expert

Robin van Bastelaar

De Librije.


Detroit Swindle

Electronic house music duo.

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Mads Voorhoeve's avatar

Mads Voorhoeve

Cocktail Expert | European Bartender School Amsterdam

Check out a day in the life of cocktail expert Mads Voorhoeve. Follow Mads around town while he visits his favorite Soulpicks.

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What our users say


This definitely works for me. Such a good app for if I don’t know where to go for e.g. cocktails or brunch. Now I can look at the favorite spots of my friends or colleagues in town(s), which makes it easier for me to decide. Just what I needed.


I love this app! I love how easily I can check with my friends on cool new places to check out when traveling. Great app to keep track of my own fav places as well!

Noel O'Shea

It's a novel way of sharing places and things you like to do with friends in a trustworthy way.


The perfect app to get to the right places. This is a perfect app that shows you personal reviews and good places to go to. It offers a broad range of locations and you can follow the people you really want to. You know if they recommend a place, it’s really good!

Jaap Evert

Easy and fun way to explore, find and keep track of new cool places!


Very useful app. Living abroad for years, people ask me for suggestions for the ‘real Irish experience’ when they travel to Ireland. Also when people are visiting the Netherlands they ask me for recommendations for hidden gems here. This app makes it so much easier for me, as they can follow me an see the places I recommend in Ireland and the Netherlands. I love this app.


Amazing and impressive app! Not only interacting with and exploring your (less) inner circle (of friends and places) in the best possible manner but also getting expert insights!


For true travellers. Great app to help you steer clear from tourist traps, and discover local life instead.


Great app, especially when you are in a new town and don’t have a clue where to go to. Awesome that I can share my sweet spots with friends and they can share their recommendations. Very handy and not to mention this app gives you a great overview of all the places!

Laura Delgado Roel

I love it! It's like having a local friend taking you to the best spots in every place you visit. I would definitely recommend this app :)


Discover places loved by people you trust - wherever you are.