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Hey Pascal! Do you have a list of cool places to visit in Milan, you used to live there, right?!
Yes, I did! I’ll share my Soulpicks profile so you can check out my places and experiences.
Check out my profile:
Cool! I’ll add some experiences of the places I like. Thanks!

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Ron Simpson

Founder of The Avocado Show in Amsterdam.


Joram Roukes

Painter / Muralist in Amsterdam.


Aukje Dekker

Founder of nightclub SEXYLAND.

Wine Expert

Robin van Bastelaar

De Librije.


Detroit Swindle

Electronic house music duo.

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Joram Roukes

Painter | Muralist in Amsterdam

Check out a day in the life of visual artist Joram Roukes. Follow Joram around town while he visits his favorite Soulpicks.

Joram Roukes

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Discover places loved by friends and experts.

Preview of Soulpicks appPreview of Soulpicks app
Preview of Soulpicks appPreview of Soulpicks app